Jbronze Spray Tanning

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Preparation is key for a flawless spray tan! The better condition the skin is in, the better the result will be and longer your tan will last.

In the days leading up to your appointment exfoliate and moisturise daily focusing on areas that are drier than others such as elbows, knees, hands & feet. Ensure any hair removal is done at least 24 hours prior.

On the morning of your appointment thoroughly exfoliate or dry loofah the body but do not moisturise. If your appointment is later in the day we recommend showering to cleanse the skin of any deodorants, perfumes, oils or makeup. Ultimately you want your skin to be as clean as possible.

Loose clothing like a dress or kaftan is best to put on after a spray tan with thongs. Fitted clothing such as leggings, jeans, bras and closed in shoes can rub off the spray tan resulting in patchy areas and uneven colour.

We supply disposable underwear and a hair net to put on during your tan but you may wear your own underwear or swimwear if referred. Just remember whatever clothing is touching the skin will not be tanned.

The difference between standard and express tan is the development time before showering. A standard tan you would allow 6-8 hours before showering or if having the tan later in the day clients will usually sleep in it and shower in the morning.

Depending on the colour you would like to achieve the express tan can be left on for 2 – 4 hours. Two hours for a light tan, three for a medium and four for a darker tan. After you have showered the DHA (ingredient that colours your skin) will keep developing for a further 12 hours before your tan reaches its maximum colour.

We recommend all tans are done 24-48hrs before a special occasion or holiday.

Before commencing your spray tan your therapist will advise the best solution for you based on the colour of your skin and the desired effect you would like to achieve.
The great thing about J-Bronze tanning solution is you can adjust the development time depending on how deep you would like your tan. Your therapist will advise the best time to shower based on your skin colour and desired look you would like to achieve.

Usually a good guide is:

Standard Tan – 6-8 hours

Express – 2-4 hours

Only shower until the water runs clear (30 seconds or so), using luke warm water. Do not use body wash, wash your hair or apply moisturiser afterwards as it will affect the development of the DHA.

It is fine to moisturise your body the next day.

If your skin is well prepped and you are thorough with after care you should get at least 1 – 1 ½ weeks out of your tan. For best results, moisturise daily with the J Bronze gradual tan moisturiser to keep your colour lasting as long as possible and ensure an even fade and reduce the “scaly skin” appearance.
This is caused by residue of deodorants and perfume left on the skin. It usually washes off in the shower but best to ensure your skin is thoroughly cleaned before arriving for your tan to avoid this happening.